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  • Fast delivery
  • Competitive prices
  • Accurate technical terms
  • Pre- and post-treatment of document types


ID has been writing and editing technical documents for many years. We know how to make them useful and readable. We have a comprehensive technical knowledge, and our staff is used to quickly take on new knowledge. This ensures that our translation work is accurate and understandable.


We are used to originals of various sorts and filetypes. Simple scriptfiles, text embedded in construction drawings, difficult PDFs or handwritten stuff. We can also tranform raw source into professional documents (layout and all) on both paper and electronically. Several of our staff are illustration experts, and they can deliver drawings, images and animations for your project when needed.

We have invested in modern software to increase translation efficiency. Our system builds databases of phrases for later recognition. This ensures that identical or similar parts of text get unified translations, even when they appear in different documents. 

Translation often end in a list of challenging words and phrases where the original has no accurate or obvious translation. We pick those out in separate tables and crack those last nuts by discussing them with the client or with an expert. 

If the originals are under review, the system allows us to update source files without restarting the whole job. We also use machine translations for single words and short phrases to speed up the process (with a heavy manual review of course). 



ID Kongsberg quickly delivered a fully functioning translated edition of a 100-page document. We also recieved overviews of problem areas, and with input from ID we were able to tweak the text for an optimal end result.

Sofus Gedde-Dahl
Managing director, Cavotec Norge