Work samples
Floating LNG_TerminalConcept illustration of floating LNG loading terminal, for external and internal marketing.


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HTSSimple animations to show mounting of equipment in an easy way.
Our library of 3d-models and scenes makes it easy to render new versions of the animation, when details or colors change.
This also simplify the path to producing other products, like marketing material, user guides and technical data sheets.


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KA products 600

Kongsberg Automotive produces a broad range of automotive parts and has production plants throughout the world. ID has developed a screen-based product catalogue in HTML5 that runs both on large screens and on mobile devices. Touch screen functionality makes it easy to navigate the catalogue. It was launched on the annual fair for commercial vehicles (IAA) in Germany in September 2012. Kongsberg Automotive uses the catalogue as an interactive tool for marketing the company's products. ID has produced a large amount of illustrations for the catalogue.

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KuletankerVessels tend to stay moored in bad weather conditions. This picture gives a realistic visualisation of this practice, using an LNG (liquefied natural gas) tanker from BW Offshore, a leading provider of FPSOs, as an example.


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Fluid Level_SensorThe delivery consisted of A3 posters containing panels of installation descriptions.
We delivered text and illustrations. Both price and quality more than met the customer’s expectations. and they were pleased to find a supplier as a relief to the internal work load.


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jaquard snapAnimations are suitable to show technical solutions which are hard to film or not yet built. This one we made for Berger Museums, to show the principles of a Jaquard loom. The method has punched cards as a tool to transfer the pattern to the woven cloth. In fact, this method played an important role in the development of computer programming.


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QRGsID Kongsberg has extensive experience in making Quick Reference Guides (QRG’s). This is an excellent medium for visual conceptualisation. The content of a Quick Reference Guide is mostly condensed documentation based on a single project or installation. A QRG will often have illustrations collected from a large number of project related documents. Over the years we have made a large collection of these books for several companies (Aker, FMC, GE, defence contractors etc). The example in the photo is made for Aker Solution on their delivery to the Lundin operated Brynhild field.

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SPT oilflow 600SPT Group delivers simulation software for multiphase flow systems and tools for improved production recovery and reservoir management. ID Kongsberg makes visualisation of these systems.



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RLWI scenario 600
ID Kongsberg has always had a strong relationship with the WAS (well access systems) department at FMC. This picture shows intervention activity performed on a subsea well using the riserless light well intervention (RLWI) system.


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grenadeFor the Norwegian Defence, ID Kongsberg developed training material for operation and transportation of HGR 85 hand grenades. A strong focus on the visual information was utilized to ensure safety of the user.
gjoa to torA fly-by animation of an oil export pipeline operated by Statoil combining different illustration elements with technical information. The animation is leading the viewer from the Gjøa platform via a subsea riser base to the connection to the Kvitebjørn and Tordis fields.

This was part of a comprehensive package for Statoil with animations and illustrations from ID Kongsberg for both internal and external communications purposes for the Gjøa and Vega projects.


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Scana animationScana AMT specialises in FPSO offloading and mooring systems. We created an animation for them showing the disconnection of a riser buoy from its turret on the FPSOcean, and the subsequent connection procedure when retrieving the riser buoy from the water.

Our illustrators have chosen a simplified, more “technical” 3D view, taking away the buoy’s outer casing to disclose the details of the disconnection sequence on the inside.


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man cutter
A delivery to the norwegian defence, consisting of technical handbook TH10, maintenance manual TH24 and illustrated parts catalogue TH24E.


Delivery to Kongsberg Defence Systems - a set of illustrations to be used in operation instructions, marketing material and for training.
Reglo storThis user manual for a pneumatic access platform by Reglo AS was developed according to our GrafMan concept. Maximum use of illustrations and graphical elements, with a minimum of supporting text, dramatically increases the speed and accuracy by which information is perceived. At the same time, GrafMan is compliant with the industry’s documentation standards such as NS 5820, providing a clear and concise structure and ensuring all necessary information is contained.


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Moxy Engineering/Doosan is a Norwegian manufacturer of articulated haulers (dump trucks) for off-road use in the earth moving and construction industries. Our delivery for Moxy included a handbook for workshop personnel together with an illustrated spare parts catalogue.
cruise shipsWe all have dreams of travelling on a cruise ship or owning a big yacht. To our illustrators at ID Kongsberg these dreams come a bit closer when visualising those vessels, in this case for marketing material for L-3 Valmarine.