documentationYour clients needs to know how your product works. And we know how to make technical manuals that makes it easy to understand those products. Together we can increase the value of your product, its safety in use and your customers' satisfaction. 

We have technically skilled writers who knows how to explain complicated procedures and technical details. They make documents that is correct, relevant and to the point. To enhance the books further, our tech writers also work closely with our staff of illustrators. It is often better to show parts and procedures on a 3D drawing than explaining it in text. This logic has long traditions at ID - we have made such illustrated guidebooks for decades.

Primary products:
  • Operator manuals
  • Maintenance manuals
  • Installation instructions
  • Datasheets
  • Quick reference guides

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ID Kongsberg has made documentation and training material for defence equipment for many years, and for a wide range of equipment to all military branches. This spans from the most basic tools to complete weapons systems.

We have hands-on experience in the use and maintenance of military equipment and work closely with military personnel in the development manuals and training documents. ID Kongsberg follows current military standards with a focus on simplification and extensive use of illustrations and images. We also make additional quick reference guides and handbooks for field use. The end results: documents that are relevant and easy to use.

ID Kongsberg has extensive experience in implementing projects on time and on budget. We have knowledge about the latest developments in tools and applications that improves the process of making and publishing technical information. ID Kongsberg’s talented illustrators and technical authors have in-depth technical knowledge in all relevant fields.
We have the necessary knowledge about standards such as TH100-5, T.O. 00-5--5001 and form 5008. Based on this competence we can propose best practice for establishing correct documentation for your defence equipment delivery.

We know what to document, how to structure the information and which format to use. Some contracts also require delivery of safety documentation. We can assist in compiling and formalising this kind of information according to client requirement and format.

brainDo you need help on an acute situation, or do you need an expert over a longer period? Our documentation experts can be hired the duration of your needs. Contact us for:

  • Techical writers
  • Editors
  • LCI coordinators
  • Project managers
  • Illustrators

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  • Fast delivery
  • Competitive prices
  • Accurate technical terms
  • Pre- and post-treatment of document types


ID has been writing and editing technical documents for many years. We know how to make them useful and readable. We have a comprehensive technical knowledge, and our staff is used to quickly take on new knowledge. This ensures that our translation work is accurate and understandable.